A New Year Is Here – Looking Back

I’ve never written an year-end looking back sort of thing before. But I wanted to write one this year because 2013 has been an incredible and interesting year for me.


The year started out with the Ryougi Shiki figure being delivered. Though I already had 2 figures, Shiki marked the start of me becoming a figure collector officially. As this figure had been delayed, I had been waiting for a long time and it was lovely to receive her. Also January means The Annual Chennai Book Fair.

My Great Japan Trip


From February, I started preparing for my very first trip to Japan. This trip had been in the works for a long time – with dreams of going to Japan that started almost 8 years ago and a strict saving program for two years. As I’ve never been overseas before, the process of getting ready was very, very interesting.  The trip itself was absolutely fantastic. I think I crossed off half of my bucket-list during this trip.  I will never forget the disbelief and the exhilaration when I saw Japan’s coastline for the first time from the flight. There were so many moments and so many firsts during this trip – actually walking down Akihabara’s Main Street in the middle of that anime world, buying figures and manga from actual stores, standing beneath a sakura tree in full bloom, gazing at the perfection of Mt. Fuji – oh I could go on all night!

The most amazing thing that this trip gave was that realising that my Japanese was good enough to survive in the real world. It is one thing to be good in class. But to be in Japan and speaking to actual Japanese with their accents and slang and finding that you can understand them is wonderful. If anything is more wonderful than that, it is when I realised that they can also understand the Japanese that I speak!


What else did I do? *thinks*

I bought a Vespa scooter. A Rosso-Dragon coloured Vespa. She is RED and gorgeous and amazing to drive.  I call her ‘benizakura’ (紅桜) meaning red cherry blossom flowers. I also bought a matching red helmet but haven’t used it yet.

My Japanese to English song lyrics translation blog, yumehokori , took off very well and I managed to keep up the speed of one song translation per week. I want to keep it up this year too

I finally started a blog (this one). I’ve been procrastinating it for a long time. This year, I’ll try to post at regular intervals.

And I bought a Sony Xperia smart phone. I call her ‘sumi’ (炭) meaning charcoal (yes, I name everything)

I bought a lot of books too. I wanted to read 100 books this year. But managed only 45. Will try again this year.

My Fangirl Life


I’ve had a fun time on tumblr. Sherlock-hiatus is still on (not for long now ahhhhhhhh!!!!!) but no hiatus for Benedict Cumberbatch. Goodness! What an year he has had! And what an year we’ve had as his fans! Some wonderful moments are seeing him on the big screen for the first time in Star Trek Into Darkness, his TIME magazine cover, his visit to Japan and wearing a yukata, everything about Smaug, and  of course, the shooting of the season 3 of Sherlock.  It has been such a pleasure and joy to follow his year. And this with all the lovely people on tumblr has been fantastic. The Sherlock manga came out this year – the perfect mix of all my favourite things. I enjoyed buying up all the magazines with BC in it too. Here is to another awesome year and many more too!

I’ve watched some of the best anime this year too. Shingeki no Kyojin was glorious. Monogatari returned. Free! was perfection itself. And so many others. I also enjoyed buying up lots of anime merchandise – both when I was in Japan and after. Next year, I’m going to concentrate on getting a good display case and finish writing reviews for all my figures. I’m saving up for a RAH Levi. It will be the most expensive figure I’ve ever bought. I have about six months to save up.

My Year
I can honestly say that I had fun this year. Oh yes I have some regrets but then again that’s ok. I’ll work a bit more harder in the next year. In this new year I want to do more than what I did last year. Read more, watch more anime, buy more figures, study more Japanese and have more fun.

Oh yeah, resolutions! Have a bit more confidence in myself and go after what I want; work on my Japanese and stick to the schedules that I make. That’s about it!

 I’ll wish everyone a happy new year with words to live by from two great people:

 ‘We all have two lives. The second one begins when we realize that we only have one’Tom Hiddleston


‘You have to experience this stuff yourself’Benedict Cumberbatch

 Happy New Year!


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