A Very Happy New Year!!


Whew! 2015 is over. It has been a weird year and I’m quite glad to see it off to be honest. The whole year has either been high or low and nothing in-between.

As I look back on this year, I’m going to let the lows, the depression and the bad things by bygones. I have watched lots of lovely anime, so many little gems this year. Many of my beloved series like Gintama, Monogatari, Noragami etc. had their sequels too!! My figure collection has grown a lot and i bought some figures I’ve been wanting to for ages!

I started learning German which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve been putting it away because I kept thinking ‘what am i going to do with German?’ But I realised that it is just silly to think that and I wanted to learn because it is such a wonderful language and no other reason is required. And I’m really enjoying it! Recently I saw a tiny interview in German and  I understood quite a good amount of it and really nothing made me so happy as that 😀 My Japanese has also improved!

I really wanted to go to Sherlocked Con and I really, really wanted to go to see Hamlet live. It is quite depressing to live so far away from everything and be left out of it all. But Benedict Cumberbatch is very good at cheering me up 😀 Seriously, the man is a treasure! I’m so excited for this year which looks full of Cumbergoodies already!!


Oh I also became a Star Wars fan this year 😀

This year for the first time I seriously contemplated giving up on my dreams. But this is also the year I realised even the thought of giving up is so despicable to me that I cannot. This is the year I pused my boundaries and found myself capable.

From this threshhold, the coming year looks full of fun, geeky and amazing! Importantly, it also looks free for us to do whatever we feel like! ^_^

My resolutions are simple: be kind, read more, fangirl more, have a little bit more faith in yourself and others around you.



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