Sherlock Figures and a Comic

A few weeks ago, I came across a £100 discount coupon for the Sherlock: The Complete Series 1-3 Limited Edition Gift Set (UK Exclusive) on Sherlockology’s twitter (@Sherlockology). Yes, you read that right. £100 discount. I ordered it faster than you could say ‘Sherlock’.


I’ve been seriously looking to buy this set from the day it was announced mainly for the bust figures. But I wasn’t willing to pay £125 for it as it included the DVDs and Blu-rays which will be region locked and a couple of postcards. I already have all 3 season’s DVDs separately. So I couldn’t justify spending so much, almost 1/3 of my monthly salary, on 2 figures and things I couldn’t use. I kept trawling through online sites, but could never find these 2 figures for sale separately. When this discount came, it was truly lucky because £25 is a very fair price to pay for them.

The figures are so much bigger than I expected them and very solid and heavy! The detail and likeness is amazing. Though Sherlock’s figure is more accurate. John’s looks slightly off. Also John’s figure is slightly taller than Sherlock’s. Both figures should have been of the same height or John’s should have been slightly shorter.


I’m just nit-picking now.

The Sherlock bust is wonderful. It has captured all the defining characteristics – the mass of curls and his thinking-face-nose-crinkle is on point. When I look at the figure, the vibe it gives off is very similar to the Sherlock from the show. I’m quite delighted with these figures!

bbc sherlock bust figure benedict cumberbatch 03

I have a problem. These two, metallic bust figures really don’t fit in with the rest of my anime character figures and so I’m going to have to think of some setting to display them or display them separately. (The huge Iron Man figure fits in perfectly in between all the girls though :D).

While I was trying out various combinations, I had an idea and made this comic:
Even Hitagi-sama likes Benedict Cumberbatch

sherlock hitagi araragi comic full

Figures featured: Nendoroid Petit Senjoughara Hitagi, Nendoroid Petit Araragi Koyomi, desk and chair from model kits.

I rarely have the patience to take photos of my figures in creative ways. I completed the comic only because everything just kept working out – the lighting and the precariously balanced desk and chair did not take too much time.

Unfortunately, I was not able figure out a setting to display them that worked.

For now though, the Sherlock bust figures are staying in their box. I’m quite thrilled about getting my first Cumberbatch figure though. I’m seriously looking forward to more figures once the Doctor Strange merchandise starts rolling in!


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