Living In Japan – First 10 days

It has been 10 days since I came to Japan to study at Kyushu University. Weirdly, it feels like a much longer time. Japan and life in Japan, is everything I imagined it to be and so much more.

The first week was mainly full of administrative procedures like residence certificate, bank accounts, insurance etc. There are numerous procedures and everything is very detailed, almost to an irritating degree. I’m beginning to understand what meticulous actually means. But, though it is detailed, the process is smooth and everyone is very helpful and understanding.

My dorm room is tiny but brilliantly designed that there is enough space for everything and does not feel cramped. It even has a spacious balcony. Being a corner room on the ninth floor, I also have fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. I’m beginning to get used to living by myself. Since the campus is farther away from the city, it is very quiet and peaceful. It is also surrounded by mountains with a few old-fashioned Japanese homes.

The weather is the most problematic for me. It changes hugely with every day. Last week, one day was very rainy, the next was very windy and sunny, and then the next very cold. I’m not used to the cold, especially when it is very windy. But, I’m much better this week than the last, so I hope I can get used to it gradually!

So does, Japan live up to my imagination? Yes, it most certainly does!

Things that have really impressed me about Japan – weird and wonderful!

  • People really do go out of their way to help you. I got lost on my way to class one day and had a professor walk two floors up with me to actually take me to the class instead of just explaining the way.
  • Everyone is unfailingly polite. At all times. And they bow a lot! I end up bowing back a lot too because it feels incredibly rude not to.
  • It is incredibly clean and incredibly beautiful.
  • Everyone is so fashionable and impeccably dressed. And I’m not even in Tokyo. Sometimes I feel like a hobo walking among them.
  • I don’t understand the need for a lot of the administrative procedures or even some specific procedures at the ATMs, where to pay what etc. Sometimes it feels needlessly complicated. But it is the way it is. A place for everything and everything in its place.
  • The shops are absolutely incredible!
  • There are no switches. I mean, there are light switches etc. but there are no switches for the plug/sockets. You have to pull out the plug itself once you are done. Which is silly and irritating.
  • Staying on the topic of switches, the light switches have tiny lights on them which come on when you turn off the light, so you can see where the switch is in the dark.
  • The special coloured bags for garbage are so expensive.
  • Oh yes, the rumors are accurate. Everything is expensive.
  • I love the buses and the drivers who keep informing over the mic that the bus is going to turn or start or stop etc. But again, expensive!
  • The watchword is cute! Everything and everyone is cute! Everything has a cute mascot character. Even my teachers draw cute smileys and pictures to teach! CUTE!
  • This is going to sound ridiculous. But it is really difficult to watch anime while in Japan unless you have a TV. Yeah. So, I have resorted to Netflix which is the best option for me right now. Though I cannot watch the current season which is really irritating.
  • But, I have cheap manga!!

I’m really beginning to get used to both living alone and living in Japan. I’ve stopped feeling hyper-aware and a bit more relaxed about my surroundings. Also, I’ve seriously started craving junk food for the past couple of days, which is a sure sign that I’m regaining my normal fangirl-self!

Till next time!


3 thoughts on “Living In Japan – First 10 days

  1. Which organisation that help you getting visa, certificate etc? I am planning to further my study in October there, via ABK and JASSO. Did you have any sponsorship by the gov?

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