[Japan Travel] Kawachi Fujien – Wisteria Garden

I saw the Wisteria Tunnel on a list of Magnificent Flower Tunnels years ago and was immediately enraptured. Who wouldn’t be? It looks like a page from a fairytale! Japan’s Wisteria Tunnels became one of my top bucket list places to visit!

And now, BUCKET LIST DONE! *throws confetti*

I had planned to spend the Golden Week holidays in and around Tenjin and going to Kawachi Fujien in Kitakyushu, about 80 kms away was a last-minute plan when I heard that the flowers were in full-bloom and would be there only for a week or so. Being so close, it would have been a shame to pass up on this. The first step was to get advance tickets to enter the garden from convenience stores. I was warned that as it is the golden week and blooming season, it’ll be crowded.

Fujien is a tiny garden nestled high up in the mountains. There is really nothing nearby and so I had a packed lunch. The closest station is JR Yahata Station and there is a free shuttle bus that runs approximately every 30 mins from the station to the garden. Walking would take about an hour. I had to wait for a while for the shuttle both while coming and going.

The route up into the mountain was beautiful. We passed by a huge lake that was amazing to look at. Wedged between seats in the full shuttle bus, I couldn’t take any photos though.

The Garden

I’ve looked at photos of Wisteria tunnels for years. The night before going to the garden, I was looking at photos. But, none of the photos do any justice to the real sight! It is breathtaking. The long strands that were swaying and shimmering, the slight fragrance and the light that streamed through the gaps being coloured by the flowers, it was truly a sight to behold.

Being up in the mountains, the wind was really strong and watching the flowers sway in the wind was very beautiful. Most of the wisteria were purple but there were some white flowers which were particularly fragrant. Also, I was thrilled to find a patch of the most gorgeous pink wisteria flowers.

Here is a tiny (very badly shot, blurry) video of the flowers in the wind!

The garden maybe tiny but it is beautiful beyond anything I’ve seen. I could’ve stayed there forever. Standing beneath the swaying wisteria flowers is a life-long memory.


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