Visiting a Primary School in Japan

…and this awful, suffocating heat.

Today, I spent the day at a Primary School in Japan as a part of my course.To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but I ended up having a grand day! The kids were so cute and so proper and really wonderful to be around! I had a bespectacled 11-year old boy as my guide for the day and I was basically dying from cuteness the whole time! And of course, I was comparing all the anime schools I’ve seen with the real one and internally squeeing!


The classrooms were very colourful and full of things the children had made. Like I mentioned above, the children were so proper and I loved to see it! While I was in a classroom, the teacher asked a question and this boy raised his hand. On the teacher telling him to answer, he got up, pushed his chair back under the desk, walked back and stood behind the chair before answering!

I had a ‘school lunch’, which had a very delicious soup with meat and mushrooms and beans with minced meat, a huge piece of bread and milk. I couldn’t finish eating it and had to stuff myself in the end XD So much food but apparently the 6th graders complain that it is not enough 😀 There was also a cultural exchange session where I had to explain about my country and they about some cultural features of Japan. I got to hear about festivals and rakugo! They actually performed some rakugo and it was really brilliant!

I really liked the primary school…everything in its place, the kids while being proper and polite were having fun. And responsibility! The kids being gently taught responsibility was the best feature. They clean the whole school themselves, including the corridors, stairs and toilets. The shoes are perfectly arranged and everything is neat and in place!

I liked it so much that I started having weird thoughts like if I ever have kids I want them to study in a school like this and being a primary school teacher looks fun…it will pass XD

While Japan is wonderful and the Japanese are wonderful, you know, what is not wonderful? The heat. The humidity. The sweating. It was so hot yesterday that I was sweating, and by sweating I mean literally sweat dripping off me, whole just sitting in my chair. I can manage any heat but this sweating is draining me…ugh. And my arms ache from constantly fanning myself. Thank goodness I bought a hand-fan the last time I went to Animate. /end rant


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