A perfect day out….GODZILLA!

Today was perfect. Parks and castles (ruins anyway) and museums and godzilla and yakisoba and anime! Living the fangirl life!

Ohori Koen and Maizuru Koen are gorgeous and ridiculously huge parks, located right in the middle of the city! The number of people jogging and exercising in the sun was ridiculous though. I was sweating just sitting under a canopy.

Anyway, on to the best part….’Godzilla at the Museum: Creative Tracks of Daikaiju’ exhibit at the Fukuoka Art Museum!

The exhibit traced the evolution of Godzilla or Gojira, as it is known in Japan, from its creation in the 50s through all the movies till date. Original hand-drawn, storyboards and designs were on display which were very interesting to watch. Also on display was photos from shooting and sets. The display which had the storyboards and the shooting of the corresponding scenes close by were the highlight of the exhibit! The graphs, yes graphs, showing how Tokyo Tower or some other buildings would fall or explode were so detailed and amazing to look at. SO much math! Also, the designs and the building process of the mecha Godzilla was the coolest thing ever.

The gift shop at the end had soooo much cool stuff – Godzilla figures and Godzilla cookies. Ah I wanted to get them all. Good thing I didn’t have much money on me.

My self-restraint deserted me when I got to the Art Museum gift shop though. I can’t resist things with Japanese art on them…especially, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.

The little ball is a tiny kaleidoscope!

I spent the afternoon at Hakata station in the huge 8-floor OIOI department store and the food court above! Yakisoba! Then, went to Mandarake Fukuoka! unfortunately, did not find any Touken Ranbu figures that I’m looking for. but that shop is heaven!!


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