Sherlock Figures and a Comic

A few weeks ago, I came across a £100 discount coupon for the Sherlock: The Complete Series 1-3 Limited Edition Gift Set (UK Exclusive) on Sherlockology’s twitter (@Sherlockology). Yes, you read that right. £100 discount. I ordered it faster than you could say ‘Sherlock’.


I’ve been seriously looking to buy this set from the day it was announced mainly for the bust figures. But I wasn’t willing to pay £125 for it as it included the DVDs and Blu-rays which will be region locked and a couple of postcards. I already have all 3 season’s DVDs separately. So I couldn’t justify spending so much, almost 1/3 of my monthly salary, on 2 figures and things I couldn’t use. I kept trawling through online sites, but could never find these 2 figures for sale separately. When this discount came, it was truly lucky because £25 is a very fair price to pay for them.

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