Remembering Harry~

Today, the 26th of June, raise your wands for the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Harry Potter is my childhood. One day, when I was 11, the old man running the tiny lending library that I frequented – my library of dreams because that was my main source for books from near and far – placed this book on top of my pile and said ‘you will love this’; as he often does. I was so delighted to find the protagonists the same age as me. I grew up with Harry and his friends.

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Happy New Year~

2016. This has been quite a year. So much has happened that I really do not know where to begin.

This year started out with me struck in limbo over whether I would get the scholarship to Japan or not. Without the result, I was unable to start anything else and the wait was driving me nuts. It also felt like this would be the last time that I could try for something so huge as this. It felt like if I did not move now, I would never be able to muster my strength up again. To say I was desperate is putting it lightly. And then David Bowie died. Bowie has been my hero for a long time and has helped me get through so much. I was devastated. I still miss him.

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Visiting a Primary School in Japan

…and this awful, suffocating heat.

Today, I spent the day at a Primary School in Japan as a part of my course.To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but I ended up having a grand day! The kids were so cute and so proper and really wonderful to be around! I had a bespectacled 11-year old boy as my guide for the day and I was basically dying from cuteness the whole time! And of course, I was comparing all the anime schools I’ve seen with the real one and internally squeeing!


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Happy Birthday, Sakura-chan~~~ and moving to Japan!

It is 9 pm on April 1st! It is very late to say this but here goes…



On 3rd, I’m leaving for Japan to start my post-graduate studies at Kyushu University. This is the first time I’m travelling alone anywhere, let alone out of the country. So, I’m incredibly excited but also equally nervous. Packing is 99% done. I think I’ve gotten everything in order. Right now, I’m trying not to think about the actual leaving bit, because I will freak out. Instead, I will think about Sakura-chan!

Stumbling across the anime show, Cardcaptor Sakura, years ago while surfing channels got me into watching anime. And it has snowballed from there. It has, in turn, led to more anime, reading manga, becoming a figure-collector, learn about Japan and most importantly, learn Japanese. Learning Japanese made me realize that I loved languages and I can learn and use multiple language, which in turn led me to start learning German. I want to learn at least two more languages. But that is for the future.

While I went to college for my undergraduate studies, I wasn’t 100% sure on what I wanted to do with my life – career wise. Learning Japanese made me come to the conclusion that I wanted my career/life to be built around languages. Hence, after many years, i”m starting this post-graduate course in Japan. I will write more about my journey till here a little later (when I’m done freaking out). But this is the culmination of years of hopes and dreams and wishes and they have been kept alive because of my love of anime and Japanese as a language.

And it all started with meeting the little magical girl! To the girl who changed my life and who continues to keep me going, thank you. I love you, Sakura-chan!

Made of Stardust: My Tribute To David Bowie

I love the word ‘stardust’. I collect songs and books and writing that has the word ‘stardust’ in it. I collect stardust. I love the Japanese word for it too -星屑- hoshikuzu. Stardust is at once ephemeral and eternal. It refers to the dust material between stars -fleeting and transient. It also refers to stars that are so faraway that they appear to us like sparkling dust – eternal and immortal. Of course, it is also the dreamy, sentimental, naive and romantic feeling. I’ve always felt like David Bowie was made of stardust. And I love him.


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My Dark, Rainy Dreams

I woke up today to cool winds and gentle rain. After weeks of scorching heat, it was more than welcome.  The drive to work had the perfect weather conditions – lovely grey clouds, cold winds and a slight, steady drizzle. I prefer dark, rainy or cloudy days to bright sunny days; the moon to the sun and the night with its mysteries to the day with its illuminations.

At night, I don’t dream very often. And if I do, it is usually a confusing jumble of images that fades away minutes after I wake up. It is very, very rare for me to have a scary nightmare. But, I have one recurring dream and two dreams that were so clear and vivid that I can see the scenes even now, if I just think about it.

In all 3 of these dreams, it was dark and raining very heavily.

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The Butterfly Effect – How I Discovered Anime

A tale of butterflies, magical girls, samurais and falling in love.

A very simple and a very random act. A routine, normal act done without much thought. But sometimes, that simple act done in the same unassuming way on just another normal day changes everything around you. The Butterfly Effect. The flapping of a butterfly wings may cause the path of a tornado to alter. Of course the ‘butterfly effect’ event I’m talking about did not cause a tornado but was nevertheless quite spectacular.


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