Free! Timeless Medley ~Kizuna~ movie

I went to see the Free! Timeless Medley ~Kizuna~ movie straight from Uni a few day after it had opened in theatres. I wanted to see the movie on opening day but I was in such a bad state mentally over the week that even doing something so incredibly fun like the Free! Movie felt too difficult. But I was afraid I would regret not seeing it in on the big screen and so, I dragged myself over. And it was the right decision. It was incredibly good to see the boys again. And, the water. THE WATER. The animation of the water was god-level. On the big screen, it was incredible! KyoAni finds a way! I had not re-watched the Free! Series after my first watch. I love compilation movies because it gives me a look back on all the delightful and precious scenes and gets the memories flowing.

There was a ‘photoshoot’ before the start of the movie where the audience was asked to take out their phones and take a picture of the screen. This was entirely new to me!

My most favorite part of the movie was the montage of Haru and Makoto growing up together, juxtaposed against a present day Haru and Makoto out for a run. Another favourite bit was seeing Rin again.My view of Rin had been tainted by the alarmingly vicious anti-Makoto part of the fandom that I keep running into and I think, I was projecting their views onto Rin. It was wonderful to meet the character again and remove all of that prejudice and see him again for the fantastic person that he is.

But my most favourite moment of the evening was to hear ‘Ever Blue’…that glorious song sung by amazing seiyuus in surround sound!

My gift was Rei~ I love Rei, but keeping fingers crossed for Makoto or Haru for the next two movies.

Can’t wait for the next movie~

P.S. when I was watching the boys swimming and everything was so brilliantly animated, I kept thinking how good it would be to see Victor skate on the big screen and guess what, a Yuri!!! on Ice movie was announced a few days later 😀 😀