Re-watching Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Stone

I will never forget the wonder of seeing the first Harry Potter film in the theaters. I was 12 years old and sitting in-between mom and dad, whispering hurried explanations to mom and staring in amazement as the scenes in my head came to life. Every moment I recognised as a piece of the book I so loved on screen was magical. And now, after innumerable number of re-reads and re-watches, the magic still remains.

I re-watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone this weekend with my friend and this was mostly written on my smartphone while watching! It is amazing that even now I still spot details and make connections to the books! The books are so rich in detail and the movies, regardless of my numerous problems with it, do a pretty good job in maintaining it!

Spoilers for the whole series ahead!

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